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sunbrella, awning covers, patio, dickson, trivantage, accent, retractable awningsWelded Aluminum Frames

Our welded aluminum frames are all custom-made and manufactured in our shop using 1X1 and 1X2 thick-wall aluminum tubing. We have found from experience that by using the thick-wall tubing, our well built aluminum frames are stronger and resilient when it comes to withstanding the elements they may face. Fan brackets can be added to larger patio frames at an additional cost.

Schedule 40 Galvanized Pipe Frames

Our shop also has the ability to fabricate folding or stationary awnings using Schedule 40 Galvanized Pipe. This pipe is just as strong as our aluminum frames but may require more upkeep. Both types of frames can be painted at an additional charge.


Awning Covers can be made using a wide variety of fabrics available including (but not limited to):

weblon, somfy products, chalmette, new orleans, westbankOne of our specialties is the way we bond our awning seams together using the Wedge Welder. This creates water-proof seams that are stronger than the material itself. Traditionally, seams have been sewn for joining fabric. This age-old process is still the industry standard and works well for many applications, but 99% of our awning manufacturing is done by heat welding the seams together. This method of welding the fabric seams doesn’t introduce holes or weaknesses to your fabric. Like sewing, it permanently fastens two pieces of cloth together.

Additional Product Info

Authorized Sun Control Professional for:

We also feature Somfy Products (Electric Wind Sensors, Electric Motor with Remotes) for all Retractable Awnings. Additionally we manufacture Roll-up Drops and Patio Furniture Covers.